• 2020.6.「Earth Science Reader with Kenji Miyazawa」To be published
  • 2020.6.「Geography and Earth Science Guide」To be published


  • 2020.9.27Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)
  • 2020.9.9Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)
  • 2020.8.23Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)
  • 2020.8.19Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)
  • 2020.8.8Fossil hunt(Harukasu Manabo Studio)
  • 2020.8.1Fossil hunt(Tsukaguti Cultural Center)
  • 2020.7.26Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)
  • 2020.7.24(Nara Kintetsu Department Store)
  • 2020.7.22Earth Science Class(Asahi Cultural Center)
  • 2020.7.8Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)
  • 2020.6.21Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)
  • 2020.2.23Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)
  • 2020.2.19Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)
  • 2020.1.26Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)
  • 2020.1.8Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)
  • 2019.12.25Earth Science Class(Asahi Cultural Center)
  • 2019.12.22Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)
  • 2019.12.21Find the natural stone(NHKCultural CenteUmeda)Tada
  • 2019.12.14Find the natural stone(Asahi Cultural Center)Kameoka
  • 2019.12.11Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)
  • 2019.12.7Find the natural stone(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)Kawanishinoseguti
  • 2019.11.24Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKOBE)
  • 2019.11.23Find the natural stone(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)Murou
  • 2019.11.20Earth Science Class(Asahi Cultural Center)
  • 2019.11.16-17Natural History Festival(Osaka City Museum of Natural History)
  • 2019.11.13Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)
  • 2019.11.9Find the natural stone(Osaka Sankeigakuen)Igakanbe
  • 2019.11.8Earth Science Class(Joyo)
  • 2019.11.2-3Geo Carnival(Osaka Science Museum)
  • 2019.10.26Find the natural stone(NHKCultural CenterNishinomiya)Onomati
  • 2019.10.23Earth Science Class(Asahi Cultural Cente)
  • 2019.10.19Find the natural stone(TomigaokaSankeigakuen)Kasagi
  • 2019.10.16Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)
  • 2019.10.12Find the natural stone(YomiuriTakatsuki Cultural Center)Kawanishinoseguti
  • 2019.10.5-6 Find the natural stone(Members Only)
  • 2019.9.21Find the natural stone(Asahi Cultural Center)Kamo
  • 2019.9.14Find the natural stone(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)tamamizu
  • 2019.9.11Earth Science Class(NHKCultural CenterKYOTO)

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【Sougensha】 To be published

【Sougensha】【SBcriivate】Now on sale

【Sougensha】 【Tohosyutspan】Now on sale

【Sougensha】Now on sale s

【Sougensha】【Tohosyutspan】Now on sale

【Sougensha】Now on sale

【Sougensha】【Tohosyutspan】Now on sale

【Tohosyutspan】Now on sale s

【Tohosyutspan】Now on sale

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